hexagon hotend slow to heat up

Hi guys,

Have anyone experienced this issue with the hexagon hotend?
It takes about 10min or more, for my hotend to reach 240, and everything above 160 seems awfully slow.
I did the PID tune and still there is this problem.

Maybe I have positioned my cooling fans too close to the heat chamber, or is my thermistor faulty (the new one btw)


Do you have your filament cooling fans turned on? If they are going full blast it will take along time for the heater to heat. Try heating with them off. If it still takes that long, you either have an over powerful barrel cooling fan, or something is starting to fail (probably the heater core or the PSU)

thx I’ll try and get the results back here


It was my barrel cooling fan. It is too strong, so I designed a custom direction attachment with the flat part that goes over the heater block so it isolates it a bit.
I am getting much better response time now.

thank you for the advice