Hexagon Hotend

Hi all,

Earlier this year new hotend was developed by reprap discount -http://www.reprapdiscount.com/

Hexagon hotend is an all metal hotend, something like E3D and can reach temperatures of 300°C

It seems that Lulzbot is putting the new hotend to use with their new TAZ mini.

Here is a forum from RoBo printer that discussed Hexa for a while now. The comments sound promising-

Has anyone had the experience with this hotend so far?
Here is the assembly video-
(btw bb code for youtube still not working)

Here is Lulzbot devel section files-

Are you guys making your own modified Hexa?
If so, what changes would you make

I am thinking of getting one, but I want to remodel the heater block, I don’t like the way heater cartridge in that video sticks out. Too much wasted heat.


I currently use the Hexagon Hotend. I’m using it to be able to print PolyCarbonate filament. Most important thing to note with this hotend is the mandatory cooling fan. Especially for PLA, heat creep is a huge problem without a cooling fan (for the hotend, not the plastic). As long as the cooling is addressed, I haven’t experience anything wrong with this hotend. Hopefully soon I will have a dual Hexagon setup so I can do good supported Polycarbonate pieces.

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Is anyone familiar with threaded extension inside hexagon? I am going to make a custom heater block so need the to know is it M6, M8 or else…