HIPS - Slight layer separation

I got my Mini a couple days ago (Friday) and printed these two models using HIPS. Prints like a dream :smiley:

The one on the left was printed that night. It’s about 2" tall. Printed with the “standard” HIPS eSun profile in Cura. I believe the separation occurred sometime after the cold acetone smoothing I gave it the next day. I thought that might have had something to do with it, BUT…

The day after that one (yesterday), I printed the one on the right. It’s about 3" tall, and was printed with the “High Detail” profile. I just noticed that it has the same issue in the same exact spot.

I noticed a few of the popping sounds that i believe are associated with moisture, but had just opened the vacuum sealed bag. Through both prints i’ve maybe heard a total of 5 or so little pops.

I love the Mini, and would really like printing with HIPS if I can get around the separation issue… Is this just part of printing with HIPS? Or are there some things that might help with this?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

A couple things you can try to reduce warp…


  1. Build an enclosure for your mini to keep the temperature more stable while printing (remember to vent the electronics box to the outisde air though.

  2. You can try increasing the nozzle temp from 240C to 245C or 250C to get better layer adhesion.

  3. Turn down/off your part cooling fan to slow down the cooling rate and minimize warp.

I’d try 3 first, followed by 3 + 2, and then when you have time, do 1 for all your prints. Keeping the ambient air temperature warm and constant is good for all prints.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the detailed tips, Jim. Much appreciated :smiley:

This is happening on the side with the fan, so your advice makes a lot of sense. Under the arm on that side is also a little less smooth.

I tried printing one with the wall thickness bumped up (to 1.5 I think it was?), and that fixed it in this instance. That’s probably more of a workaround. And increases time/filament. Will try working with the fan next instead.

Thanks again :slight_smile: