My first two prints came out not smooth with layers wanting to separate

Hi, I just set up my mini today and printed with HIPS. The octopus was not smooth. You can see each wrap of filament around and around so it doesnt seem well blended or melted together. Then I tried to make a thimble. There was zero layer adhesion to one another it’s just a coil of plastic. What am I doing wrong? I selected HIPS and set extruder to 240. Thank you SO much! I’m brand new to this.

Hips is a terrible filament to start with. My recommendation would be to order a roll of anything else to start with. Aside from that, post some pictures of the resulting print and we can go from there to diagnose. It may be that you have the filament diameter set wrong. If its off you can get the effect you describe.

Thank you! The same thing happened after I cleaned it. The filament that’s getting extruded right from the extruder is wavy (like if I just extrude 10cm). Then when it comes out, it’s not sticking to the bed so it just gets dragged around in a crumbled ball.
How do I change the set filament diameter

I assume you are using Cura and are using quickprint. Are you positive you have the HIPS option setting selected? I ask for two reasons – the curly extrusion could be from too low of a temperature and you also mention that you are setting the temperature to 240.

If you are using quickprint, the only place to set the filament temperature to 240 is in the popup window where you press print. Depending on when you set that temperature, your setting will get over-ridden. So for example, if you had PLA selected in the main window, got the printer control popup, changed the temp to 240 in that popup, and then pressed print, the nozzle would never go above 205 due to temperature settings embedded in the gcode for your object that will be sent to the printer after your 240C command is sent.

Wow that’s great advice. I think I’m setting it incorrectly because I am doing the quick print. Do you have any idea why it may not be sticking to the bed? I tried using PLA and the ripple extrusion problem was fixed but it won’t stick to the bed.

You can clean the bed using a 90% water and 10% isopropyl alcohol solution with a paper towel. This will remove any dirt or grease from the bed to help adhesion. We have seen oils from skin or hand lotion that will affect adhesion, and this will clean it right up.

If it doesn’t stick after cleaning, you can try lowering the nozzle a tiny bit. You would do this by select “machine” from the menu, and then “machine settings”. You will see a field for “Z-Offset (mm)”. Try “-0.05” to start, but watch the print at the beginning closely – you don’t want to see the nozzle dig into the bed at all. If it looks like it is going to dig into the bed, hit the power switch – using any of the controls in the popup won’t engage quickly enough. If that isn’t enough, make it a little lower, like “-0.08” etc. till it is perfect.

You want the first layer to sort of squish against the buildplate. I’m pretty sure there is an example photo somewhere on Lulzbot’s site, but I couldn’t find it quickly. Here are some examples of too much – perfect – too little squish:

If you’re settings have too little squish, the piece is likely to come unstuck.