Homing failed on a lulzbot taz workhorse

when my printer goes up it doesn’t stop it will keep going when it is at the max of it’s height. can anyone help me I am so confused

Are both sides hitting their limit switch simultaneously? If the gantry sags on one side, it can prevent both ZMAX switches from being pushed at the same time, but the side that hits first “bounces” off the top, then the other side hits, and bounces off. This repeats a few times before it errors out.

To fix it, you just need to disable the motors from the motion menu, then slowly pull the gantry flush against the top so both limit switches are being hit. Hold it in this position and then use the motion menu to lower the Z slightly. This will re-engage the motors and hold the gantry in position.

Now attempt to auto home the Z axis.