Z axis stuck

So I went to start a print today on my Taz 4 and when it sent all axis to the home position, the z axis stopped 6" from the bed. The x and y axis will move in all directions and the z axis will move up but not down. When I checked the code, it stated that all axis were at 0. So the printer thinks the z axis is in the home position but it’s still 6" off the bed. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Power off, and unplug the printer. Now disconnect both Z axis motors from the controller to prevent a power spike frying your control board. Now, manually turn both Z rods until your Z axis is down all the way, taking care to keep the axis as level as possible. Once it is down, use a bubble level and get the axis as close to level to your frame as possible (make sure the frame is level too before you start) then use a feeler gauge to ensure the nozzle is the same distance from the bed on both sides. If you are too high on one side, turn that rod by itself until you are level. Check several places across the bed and front to back. Then check the couplings on the threaded rods / leadscrews to the motor and make sure both sides are tight. Once you are level, reconnect the motors and plug the machine back in and power it on. Then move it through its Z motion range again and ensure it doesn’t bind. If it binds again you have allignment issues or electrical issues to sort out.