Hot End not heating up


I started printing and item with ABS as I usually do, heated up the hot end to 230 and started printing. About 10 minutes into the print the temperature started going down without me noticing and thankfully Cura prevented the printer from trying to extrude while cold.
I found it strange that the temperature dropped at all. By the time I noticed the temperature was dropping it was already down to about 160. I thought maybe for some odd reason the temperature was set to 0 and was just a strange glitch.
So I cycled the printer off and back on and told in with Cura to warm up the extruder to 230. The temperature will not go up. I can set it from Cura or from the LCD on the printer and it will show the goal temp but it will not heat up. I even tried touching the hot end with some ABS and then my hand just to see if its actually heating up without displaying it but it was staying at room temperature.

I checked all the wires and connections, even inside the electronics enclosure and couldn’t find any loose or disconnected wires.
I pulled out my multimeter to check the thermistor and heat resistor to see if they are giving the correct resistance values but the multimeter is giving me no data at all. The multimeter seems to work fine with other electronics but I’ll keep testing to make sure the multimeter isn’t faulty.
I did a continuity test to check if any of the cables are shorting out at all but there do not seem to be any shorts.

Does anybody have any idea whats going on or what to do next for testing?
I’ve also been debating buying the new Hexagon Hot End. Maybe it would just be easier to replace the hot end and save me the headache of fixing this one. I also don’t want to order a new hot end and find out that something is wrong with the Rambo board and be no closer to having a working printer.

Thanks in advance!

Probably either your heater core or the thermistor burned out. Call support, they should be able to help you test them with an ohmeter

If you are looking to upgrade the hexagon, I would suspect you are using a Budaschnozzle? If so, it is most likely that your resistor will need to be replaced. You can verify this by testing the resistance (ohms) of the red wires (resistor.) If the resistor is functioning normally, it should read ~5ohms. If you get an open circuit, that is the piece you will need to replace.

You can find directions on replacing the Budaschnozzle resistor here:

We hope this helps!