How do i get clean PLA out of my nozzle threads?

I switched from ABS to PLA and didnt tighten the nozzle all the way apparently! :blush: I found my 2nd PLA print OOOZing liquid PLA out between the nozzle and the threaded post… Come to think of it, I now remember hearing at some point that i should have used some Teflon tape - is that right?

Anyhow - I tried to clean up as best as possible, but i just couldnt get all the PLA out of the threads. I’ve got the nozzle soaking in acetone because ive found that it DOES soften the PLA after a day or so to where it can be brushed or shaken off - its already starting to loosen up a bit. Short of leaving the threaded end submerged in a small dish of acetone for a day, are there any other methods of cleaning the threads out? I’d rather not take my schnozzle apart if i dont have to.

I plan on going back to ABS and printing a fan mount before trying PLA again…

You can soften the PLA by setting the hot end to 160C and carefully wiping off the threads. Make sure that the filament is not loaded, use a towel or rag to wipe away any remaining PLA.

awesome, thanks!

over night, all the small bits of PLA in and around the nozzle came off - the more solid parts are scraggly and a bit maleable so i was able to get a little of that out. I should be able to pick it all out by tomorrow.

You might want to try a cheap toothbrush too. That’s great for cleaning out threads.