PLA Stuck in Extruder

So I just switched over from ABS to PLA for the first time. I finally got it to start printing and everything was going well until I realized the PLA broke off right before it starts feeding into the extruder. It’s at a point where if I try to feed more filament in behind it, it doesn’t catch. I’ve tried pulling it out with pliers, I’ve tried reversing, extruding, heating the extruder even higher… Now I think that my extruder is just clogged. Any tips? I haven’t disassembled the extruder yet but if that’s what needs to be done I’m not entirely sure how to go about it.

Fixed the issue. Took off the two screws and disconnected the wiring and soaked the nozzle head in acetone. Then I plugged the wires back in, turned the heater up to 180C and shoved a chopstick into the hole on the top of the nozzle.

Would not suggest soaking PLA in Acetone, it doesn’t really dissolve, just turns into a flakey brittle mess that can be even more difficult to remove.