how many pounds of ABS required to print a TAZ

Anyone know?

Just ordered a TAZ at work, and If I buy my own material, I am sure I can make the parts on it for a home machine.

In the downloads section of the Lulzbot site there are gcode files to TAZ printed parts.

At the very end of each gcode file the amount of filament required is written. For example see the file for printing 2 bearing holders here:

It’ll be a little tedious but easy to compile all values. You can look at the BOM here for the number of each required printed part.

You will get the quantity in linear mm of filament. I calculated some time ago that a Lulzbot regular 5lbs. coil of ABS 3mm filament amounts to about 1100 linear feet (335 meters or 335,000mm).

Or you could simply set a ballpark figure for a single typical part, multiply it by the total number of parts, this will get you a rough value. I’m guessing you’ll have to purchase at least a 5lbs. coil. I’ll be interested to learn if I’m right! :slight_smile:

OK since you didn’t bother replying back :unamused: and since I was curious I calculated it myself. I’m posting this for anyone else who might want to print TAZ parts.

255,456mm (832 feet)
1.73kg (3.8 pounds)

That’s a lot of plastic!!! And a lot of printing time too.

Well from what we measured the mass of plastic for a single TAZ is around 1.62 kg or 3.57lbs of black ABS. This number is based off the weight from an average of single type of part. So for belt clamps we measured the mass of 100 of them and got about 0.8 grams per a single belt clamp. We did that for all parts and then add up the totals. We are working on trying to reduce the amount of plastic for or next production run. And out estimate for now, which is really just a shot in the dark since we are still reslicing parts is down to 1.2 kg or 2.65lbs of abs. Granted for all these weights are assuming no scrap so depending on what type or printer you are using and if there are drafts hiting your prints the numbers could be higher.

Hey so the numbers in your .gcode files are pretty realistic. :slight_smile:

I wanted to link my LibreOffice Calc sheet but my Ubuntu One account is acting up… :unamused:

Yea they pretty close. I do know that one source of “error” in the gcode prediction. is the skirt that we have on all parts. For most it is only single layer twice around the part. So for the smaller parts that can throw off the gcode prediction a bit. For some parts like the power supply cover we used a taller skirt that is about 15mm tall and it weighs a few grams, which is counted in the gcode, but we don’t count towards the mass of a TAZ.

Understood. It might matter to you guys since you build in high volume, but for a single kit it’s not that big a differential. Of course printing in a different layer height and infill will throw these numbers off…

BTW here’s my spreadsheet with detailed numbers for each printed part if anyone is interested. It was done rather quickly.


Cool thanks. :slight_smile:

We print our parts probably a lot heavier than most places I’ve seen, so you could likely get away with less infill and lower layer heights.