ht17-275 8 lead stepper motor wiring help

Hi, I received some of these stepper motors from a friend and was wondering if anybody know’s how to wire them for a 3d printer? I attached a wiring diagram below. Should they be wired bipolar parallel or bipolar series? Also if anybody knows how it should be wired to a RAMBO I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

We use 4 wire stepper motors, with the wiring pattern found here:

You may not be able to use the 8-wire stepper motors

I know how to wire the 4 wire stepper motors. I was just wondering if anybody knows if i should wire the 8 wire stepper motors either bipolar series or bipolar parallel according to the wiring pattern?

Wiring them in series will give you more torque at low speeds, which will lead to better precision. I’d give that a shot first, jump the connections as shown on the datasheet and get it into a 4 pin connector (A+,A-,B+,B-). If it turns the wrong way, either reverse the order of the pins or just swap the direction in the firmware.

Hope that helps!

Alright thanks bam. I’ll give that a try this weekend.