Humid environmental conditions and compensation for it

Trying to print with x-pla on my taz 5 in a very hot and humid region; and am unwilling to leave the air-con on for duration of prints. At the moment I’m trying to compensate by reducing extruder temp to 195 from the 205 recommended in the manual. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience or tips on dealing with this situation. Any help will be much appreciated!

P.S. I’m a noob so please be gentle :wink:

Hot ambient temps help the print (more so for ABS than PLA).

Humidity will affect the PLA. For printing, you’ll mostly be interested in keeping the humidity out of the filament prior to printing. Printing filament with too much moisture leaves anomalies in the final print.

An air-tight storage box and some silica gel desiccant is all you need. This looks like a nice design with printable parts available from Thingiverse:

For reference, I fit 5 reels of 1kg reels of ABS in one of a 6.5 gallon plastic storage box… you’ll probably want the snap on lid version and some neoprene pipe wrap for an air-tight fit. A 6 gallon paint bucket with screw on lid will work also.

Hope that helps.

For what it’s worth, I found this box with 6 latches and a gasket pretty cheap on the storage aisle at the local Target: I keep a big package of dessicant inside the box itself, then each roll of filament is kept in its own 2-gallon zip-loc bag with two small packages of dessicant (four packages for PVA).

A good cooler and a large can of dessicant from a sporting goods store (used to keep gun safes dry) works great. You can recharge the cans in your oven - just make sure to get a non-cobalt version.