Most reliable filament?

I have a TAZ 6 with no enclosure in a room that will fluctuate in temperature, especially in the summer. The two filaments we ordered were an ABS and clear taulman T-glase. These have not been easy to print, in fact they’ve been nearly impossible for larger prints. I got some advice to make them work better, but in the meantime, what filament can I order that just “works.” We received a sample of n-gen with the printer, and this has worked pretty well, or at least I’ve gotten to print somewhat reliably. I might order more of this filament, but I’m wondering what kind of filament is the most reliable and consistent.

I should say the TAZ is used in a school and I won’t always be the one operating the printer, so I need something as idiot-proof as possible.

You’re probably going to get as many answers as there are filaments! :slight_smile:

For casual use in an environment such as you’ve described, I’d try eSun’s PLA PRO (aka PLA+). Like all PLA, it’s relatively low-temp, and doesn’t shrink so much (making it more tolerant of drafts and air temperature variations). The PLA+ (as opposed to the basic PLA) seems to me to be more forgiving of all manner of “3d printing sins” than either ABS or the PET filaments. It’s also not so brittle, especially as it ages or gets moist from humidity (although nowhere nearly as tolerant of humidy than is PET, of course). Finally – it’s low-cost.

Any particular purpose for your prints?

PLA is probably the easiest to print, pretty strong / durable and no toxic fumes. The downside is the low-melting temp. So objects could deform if left in a car during the summer months. Its pretty inexpensive also. Keep it stored in an airtight container… prone to absorbing moisture from the air. Its a great starter filament.