Igus bearings vs ball bearings

Since I’m going to be building Piercet’s anti-z devices and installing them on one of my Taz printers, would it make any sense to replace the dryline bearings with ball bearing equivalent? Or is there not a significant difference?

The Igus bearings often have a small gap between the bearing wall and the rod. The recirculating ball bearings tend to be louder and at the speeds we print at can induce harmonics into the printhead which show up as ripples in the part (they tend to look like the ripples in a pond after someone drops a rock in, radiating out from center holes) There is a person who had good luck with replacement metal bushings they sourced from Mcmaster carr, but I can’t find that thread.

The openbuilds extrusion mod works quite well to increase accuracy, but it does cost a bit more for parts.

Thanks. I think I’ll stick with the plastic ones for now then.

I’m using ball bearings on my mini. They work fine (not necessarily any louder to me), however the default rods are not hardened steel from what i’m told and so my rods are slowly getting scuffed and scraped by the ball bearings. It’s fine for now since i just needed a working machine, but if you have the money igus is the way to go (or make sure your rods can take the abuse). So the same probably applies to the TAZ line as well. I had to modify the default mounts as there is a slight OD diameter difference between the igus bearings and the ball bearings i’m using (LM8UU).


Apparently the Igus bushings are intended to be pressed into a precision bored hole. Which shrinks in ID of the bearing reducing the gap to the rod.

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