Linear bushing, upgrade to linear bearing ?

Hello, I have to change all my linear bushings on my TAZ 5 (so 11 in all), I read a lot and I don’t know if it is a good idea to upgrade to linear bearing (LM10UU I think), instead of stock Igus bushing ?

Also, is it a good idea to upgrade X axis rod to 12mm at the same time ? (I use the stock single extruder only)


Nobody ? Maybe my question isn’t clear ?

I meant, which bearing is the best ?

The stock polymer one :

Or ball bearing one ?


If you put the bearing ones they are louder, and you need to swap the rods out for harder ones as well. There is a bolt on 12mm rod modification for x and y. There are also other alternatives, such as the openbuilds extrusions.

I am considering the openrail alternative. About noise, is openrails mod louder that the igus polymer stock bushing ?

As I understand, my best two options are 1) replace with originals igus bushing, 2) upgrade to the openrail modification ?

The open rail mod is silent. The x motor mount actually acts as a vibration damper too.

Yes, that or upgrade to 12mm igus.

I have the linear bearings on My Kit Taz/Taz?(HEAVILY modified since :laughing: ), and it took a number of months(4 maybe) before I got them broke in to eliminate the rough surface they imparted to my prints. So as Tim stated the Linears are noisy but as it is in an enclosure I do not mind.

Openrails is the only way to go if you don’t mind doing a little work to the machine.

I didn’t care for the textured surface the metal linear bearings running on hardened rails left on my parts. And the noise, they make some noise, I didn’t like that.

FWIW I’m very happy with my lm8uu ball bearings upgrade for my Mini. They make a “cosy” clicking sound but the perceived gain in precision and rigidness is immense! But think before you act. I needed an angled grinder to shorten the hardened rods I ordered. No rocket science, I just never expected to have to borrow one from the neighbours :wink:

@mrvanes :
Wich axis did you upgrade to hardened rod and ball bearing ?

Does these bushings fit on a TAZ 5 ? :
It says for TAZ 6 but I do not find the TAZ 5 ones.

I did both X and Y axis (the bed and extruder rails). I needed to print Biolumo’s adapted bearing holder parts because the original IGUS bushings have 16mm outer diamter and the lm8uu’s are 15mm OD. So, check that before you start. I can’t speak for the TAZ, as I only own a Mini.

I installed bearings and hardened rods on my Taz4 and love it. To me the noise isn’t much and the accuracy gain is significant.

Tom does a great job explaining IGUS polymer bushings:

I’m so happy to be rid of my metal bearings on the Wanhao.

Where did you purchase the hardened rods?

VXB Bearings, through Amazon.