IGUS Bushing Clip/Sleeve

Has anyone tried putting a circlip or putting a metal sleeve over the IGUS bushing to try and pull the slop out? I know IGUS wants them to be put in metal retainers and the printed parts are oversized to try and compensate for this. I know lulzbot has spent a lot of time deciding on the IGUS or bronze sleeves or linear bearings, so maybe they have tried something like this. I also know you can upgrade to a openrail or similar linear guide, but there has to be a way to solve this problem without having to invest another couple hundred.

I assume you are referring to the fact that the igus bearings are designed to be a press-fit and that the plastic lulzbot parts are not precise enough to achieve this. Thus in reality the igus bearings are not really being used correctly in most 3d printers?

An interesting question if that’s really what you are getting at. To answer you question no, i built mine from scratch and am currently using lm8uu bearings in mine, but they are horrible and i am going to print / replace mine to igus-style bushings soon out of I180 Tribo filament. I’m personally not all that worried about the press-fit thing. to me it’s a “good-enough” situation, but i am curious to see what you come up with and/or the responses you get.

I have been toying with the idea of having the plastic lulzbot parts CNC machined out of aluminum. Not necessarily for press-fit tolerances for the bearings, but for aesthetic reasons. I mean come on it would just be cool.

Yeah that is the exact problem I am referring to. I may just go cut some sleeves myslef and give it a try. Most people seem ready to abandon them and move to linear guide rail system. I personally think they are all buying into some internet science, but hey to each their own.
Good luck with the CNC parts, better get them think to keep your weight down or you will have to turn your settings down to keep the head from rocking about.