Incosistent NGEN diameter??

So I found out that apparently the filament diameter should be set as accurately as possible when printing and I bought some pretty decent calipers so that I could do that.

Problem is I am getting very different readings even as close as an inch away from the last reading taken. For example, I can take a measurement right above the extruder of 2.82, then take another measurement on the entrance side of the filament tube of 2.97, then another closer to where the filament comes off the real and get something else. It varies by around .04 mm or so within inches sometimes it seems.

Is this normal? I thought Ngen was pretty good filament and wouldn’t have this issue, or maybe I am wrong and this is normal of all filaments?

Someone please let me know what I can do about this… the calipers seem pretty accurate from what I can tell and I am not closing them very hard when checking.

I’ve been using nGen material for a short period of time.
It prints pretty good and seems to be pretty stabile in warm cars.
I’m also pretty familiar with use of digital calipers.
Have you measured any items like steel bolts, copper wire or pieces of paper?
It’s very easy to get inconsistent measurements.
0.04mm is only 0.0015 inches.
I’m thinking that, because filament is extruded, there will be at least a very small variation in diameter.
When I’m measuring my filament, I always see a small variation.
If it’s small enough variation and my prints look good, I get over it.

What printer are you using and are you having print quality issues?
If so, a photo of your particular troubles would be a good thing.

just my 2 cents worth.
others opinions on this subject would be very worthwhile.