Is it possible to skip auto-leveling?

I am using TAZ6. Is it possible to skip auto-leveling?
I don’t require accuracy in the first layer of prints.
More often than not, it does not start well.
After wiping, it clears the front left, fails to clear the front right, and repeats the wipe.

Yes it is possible to skip auto-leveling. However, auto-leveling isn’t just for accuracy in the first layer, the rest of the layers (i.e. the whole print) are dependent on the first layer. Bad first layers often lead to failed prints.

A better solution would be to figure out why you are having problems with auto-leveling and fix those. The first thing to check is the nozzle. Without an filament loaded, heat the nozzle to the high end of your last loaded filament, turn the printer off, and give the nozzle a good cleaning with a scotch brite pad or a brass brush (the printer must be off to use this or you risk damage to the controller board). Next clean the four corner washers with isopropyl alcohol. A light sanding with the scotch brite pad, the brass brush, or some very fine grit sand paper (1200+).

Without loading any filament, heat the nozzle to 140 and send a G28 followed by a G29 V4. If the printer doesn’t complete the auto-level sequence, then you may need to level the X axis.

Take a look at for a quick check and leveling procedure. Also, take a look at which discusses even finer tuning of the bed.


I clean my nozzle with Scotch Brite before every print and that action has made a WORLD of difference for me. I do occasionally get a failure to auto-level but it is rare now. Scotch Brite for the win!


Don’t be afraid to use the Scotch Brite on the washers as well.

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Yes it’s possible. At least if you use OctoPrint.

Each day / start up - I home XYZ first. Then run G29 to do auto bed leveling. For each print, my start G code only does G28 XY and not Z.

I’ve been printing this way for a few years and it definitely saves time.

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That’s a great idea! But there are a ton of products all under the Scotch-Brite brand… which specific one do you mean?

Is this the Scotch-Brite product you are referring to?

Scotch-Brite pads, like sandpaper, are available in various “grits”. See for a chart.