Taz 6 auto level inconsistent


I have a Tax 6, 5 and 747. The Taz 6, ironically, gives me the most problems. I have a 1.2mm toolhead on it and it seems to be unable to autolevel correctly. The toolhead is usually dirty so that when it presses into the corners it does not make clean contact resulting in one print that is fine and the next that is not.

Is there a way that I can clean nozzle, do one good auto level, store it and then turn it off so it does not do it for every print.

My taz 5 that does not have auto leveling - is by far the most dependable when it comes to prints sticking. It is a just a decently level glass build plate and then don’t mess it.

You can give it a try. Get a good level, store the mesh to the EEPROM (M500), then simply load that mesh using the “M420 S1” command during your startup GCODE.

So you’d go from:
G28 ;home xyz
G29 ; autolevel
M420 S1 ; use bed level

to just
G28 ; home xyz
M420 S1 ; use bed level

But, you will now have to find what the offset is from the Z homing button to the bed, since it still needs that button to find the initial Z zero position, otherwise if it uses that button’s activation point as Z zero, it’s going to be trying to print several millimeters deep into the bed with the -1.25 Z offset that is typical for the washer-to-bed offset.

So, do a G28 Z, then manually move the nozzle to be a paper’s thickness above the center of the bed. The number displayed for Z should be your new Z offset, or at least where you should start making fine adjustments from.

It’s always bothered me that the Aero hot ends don’t have silicone covers on them. I’ve used them on my E3D v6 and Aero hot ends on other (non Lulzbot) machines and found that helped not only with maintainig the heat, but keeping things a good deal cleaner.