Issue with Lulzbot Mini 1 self leveling

Hi all!

So I have an issue with my Lulzbot mini 1, failing on probing.

It always fails on the right front pad, retrys, but then fails. After a could of restarts the printer works. But it takes a few trys.

Any ideas? Could the Nozzle be worn out?

Here’s my firmware info:


If you were having a problem with the nozzle then I’d expect the bed-probe would fail on lots of corners… not just the one.

Grab an ohm-meter (multi-meter) and check the resistance between the bed-leveling washers in each corner to the plate.

I’m guessing you’ll find that troublesome right-front corner isn’t conducting as well as the others. You may need to remove it, clean it, and re-install it … making sure the screw is nicely snug.

BTW, I did this to mine (right-rear was the corner mine mostly failed on). I discovered that while it sometimes read ~1Ω … it just occasionally spiked a bit higher – to around ~25Ω. But it wasn’t consistent. It basically didn’t have a great connection. I cleaned it, re-snugged the screw, and now it consistently reads ohms in line with the other three corners.

I had a similar problem and discovered my grounding wire had come disconnected. Check that, it is under the bed near the front left corner.