Jerky/Stalled Motor (Taz 4)

So I just replaced all my rods with hardened steel rods along with linear ball bearings. I went to test my printer but the left Z-axis motor (near the power supply) won’t turn. It is making the noise like it is trying to turn but is getting stuck. I unplugged the right Z-axis motor and the left motor turned normally. When the right motor is plugged in again the problem re-occurs. What can cause this?

The distance of the backend of the X-ends Plates on the X rods. The end plates are acting as a lever on the bearings, and if you apply too much force the bearing will not slide. Adjusting them(distance of the two X Rods) in and out until you find the ‘happy’ point. They also need to be evenly spaced or you will put a twist on the X End Plate top to bottom.

Note: Make sure you have free travel all the way from the top of the Z Rods down to the bed plate.

Or at least that is how I have fixed it so far when I have it. YMMV.

Thanks to some times from mhackney I got it working. I followed the assembly process from this link:

I believe the key part is leaving the bearing holders slightly loose and then tightening them once the rods are in.