jpeg image uploads no longer valid?

So I was going to upload some pictures of my new color changing LED’s attached to my TAZ, but when I try to upload the JPG image, the forum tells me “the image type is invalid”

Also if anyone wants to attach Color changing status indicator LED’s to a TAZ via the I2C bus, it can be done. You need one of these:; a 24 volt to 12 volt Buck converter, and a huge mess of changes to your firmware. But it can be done.

Just testing this with a generic jpg

Seems to work now. Maybe it was a weird fluke.

It’s apperently a file size limitation that is much smaller now than it used to be. I had to shrink it down a very large amount to get it to even fit.

edit, and then I upload the wrong file even.

Looks like 2mb is the limit now. It used to be over 2, not sure how much but my average camera image is about 2.5

I just set it to 25M.


Cool, thank you!