TAZ5: Maximum file size for SD card printing?

Is there a maximum size you can print from an SD card on a TAZ5?

I tried printing a 17MB file (from Cura). It printed about 73 (of the 277) layers then just stopped. Then I modified the GCODE to start from where it stopped, and it printed another 77 layers, and stopped again.

It’s like it just ran out of GCODE - didn’t reset or anything. No errors. Didn’t turn off the head or center the tool.

There’s no funny instruction in the GCODE at that point, it’s just a G1 surrounded by a bunch of other G1’s in the middle of the layer.

Just says: “Printing…” on the display but it doesn’t make any further progress.

Can you upload the gcode?
17MB is not much, I printed much bigger files. There are a lot “Cura print stops mid-print” threads here, it might be another one… Maybe we can find something in Cura.

Sure. Here it is:

It stopped the first time at:
X120.8 Y210.7 Z018.6
(line 180920)

And the second time at:
X198.4 Y136.2 Z040.1
(line 360372)

But just to stress - I wasn’t running Cura at the time. I saved the GCODE to a file and then printed it from the SD card slot.

OK, checked the file and I have no idea whats wrong… I thought there could be something at these lines that triggers a safety function of marlin like a too long extrude or a wired move (I had this once ago here).

You might try a more up-to-date version of Marlin, maybe it’s something in the “old” default firmware. If you want to do this, have a look in my signature.

I think I figured it out.

I printed 4 more prints and they all stopped.

The last 2 prints were created using Simplify 3D instead of Cura. They were identical prints, and both stopped at exactly the same position in the print, about 50% through. I watched the output at that point - it’s as if the file just ran out of GCODE - no error messages or anything.

This to me look like Merlin just thought the file was done when it tried to read some more data from it.

So I swapped the SD card with another one… and voila. Now everything works, and I printed 4x 2 hour jobs in a row without a problem.

Would be nice if it gave an error message on the screen. Or even a success code (e.g. “32550 lines printed”). That way you can compare to how many lines there are actually in the file and see if this is a file/disk problem or a Merlin problem.

I have printed a 215Mb file containing 7,773,922 lines of code without a problem from SD card. Time taken was 3mins short of 50hrs.