Just stripped my hot end thread ...

I recently purchased a AO-101 and tried to replace 0.5mm nozzle with 0.35mm but stripped the hot end thread … What would be the easiest and most affordable solution ? Should I upgrade the whole hot end (if so which one should I get ?), or just change the actual threaded rod ?


You can probably get the threaded tube somewhere still, but it was notorious for stripping out with almost no provocation. The newer 2.0c hot ends do improve print quality and are easier to maintain and change ends. But they are somewhat spendy too. Be aware that if you change the hot end out to the new one, you will have to swap one of the wires (red becomes orange, or something like that. there is a forum post somewhere detailing which one changes, but the color scheme changed on the newer hot end)

So this is what I need?


Will my 0.5mm and 0.25mm nozzles fit on this new hot end?


That’s the one. Your old nozzles however will NOT fit that one. You would need the new nozzles.