New nozzles

Are the replacement Budaschnozzle 2.0c w/ 0.35mm nozzles plug and play? Is there required tuning to get them to run as if it was the same nozzle that came with the printer?

Depends on which printer you have. The older AO-10x style printers require a wire swap. The newer TAZ ones should be plug and play.

If you have a TAZ the current generation of Budaschnozzles (2.0.c) are plug and play. You will want to update your Slic3r settings to reflect any nozzle size changes (Slic3r > Printer Settings > Extruder 1 > Nozzle diameter) and reslice any models being used for new nozzle diameters (0.5mm for example). If you swap the hot end for the same 0.35mm hot end you may only need to adjust the Z axis endstop.

Hi. I appreciate your feedback. I do have the TAZ 2 and the budaschozzle 2.0 and I will make sure to re-slice at the correct diameter. For now im just calibrating it.

I mounted the nozzle and I realized that I didn’t make any marking on the nozzle mount as to how the previous nozzle aligns. How do i ensure the nozzle is centered in the mount?

Currently when i do a bed calibration test, the perimeter square is slightly to the left and a bit tilted from how it was printing with the stock nozzle. To fix this i assume i just play with the nozzle alignment to the nozzle mount?

Does it even matter if the bed calibration test is not perfectly in the center of the bed? - as long as its not off the bed, or too close to one side?


Would you mind posting an image of what you’re encountering? The hot end assembly should self center when mounted on the X axis carriage. You may need to adjust your Z axis endstop if the lenght has changed. Other than that there’s not much else to worry about. If your print center seems off, that can be adjusted in Slic3r under Printer Settings > Print Center. A picture of the bed with the bed calibration print, and a screen shot of the Pronterface window will help.