Kauri: Next Generation TAZ

Here’s some mockups of the next generation TAZ, codenamed Kauri.

More here:

It will have an internal power supply and have auto bed leveling. It is still in the early stages.


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Interesting. I suppose the box frame structure would cut down on production time of the printer and reduce the amount of machine squaring that is required. Have you thought about extending the side case up to the top of the frame and adding one of the mini computers that are out there in that space? Maybe one of those new Extra skinny Intel NUC’s http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/nuc-kit-nuc5i5ryk.html Then you could sell a variant as an integrated development unit.

Is the auto leveling bed mount plate the same dimension as the Taz 3/4 units? If not, do you guys have any plans to sell a couple of those mount plates as an upgrade kit of some sort?

Feel free to use my TAZ lightbar thingies if you want!

I think the bed plate is the same. Looks like the old pic got pulled down and this latest revision uploaded:


Have you considered making the x/y rails use hardened rails and metal bearings instead of plastic ones?

PSFU10-500 and LMU10 are the parts that a lot of users are doing manual upgrades to.

Or perhaps if you plan on incorporating a computer, go with BB black in order to keep it all open source? having the thing loaded up with ocotoprint (or some other open source variant of that) would be pretty sweet too.

We’ve worked a bit on this in the past, in particular with LinkSprite / PCDuino. It won’t be in the next version though.

Very Interesting… Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing how it is all put together.

May need to get a new printer soon…

How far out would you say this one is?

The design isn’t set, and the parts aren’t ordered, so it is still 12+ weeks out. We do have some of the long lead parts on order already, that we think will stay between TAZ 5 and Kauri (e.g. that cute little blower fan). R&D isn’t done.

This is what manufacturing is planning for, subject to change, of course:


You’ll see that file is updated weekly, so if you monitor that directory, it should keep you up-to-date.

You can also check the BOM, and watch it get filled out:



What does orange vs yellow highlighting on the BOM stand for?

I’ll miss the all extruded aluminum frame. Although the plastic sides will give it a much cleaner look. I’m glad you guys are sticking with the original TAZ look instead of going to the I closed box design that most other companies use.

Is dual extruder going to be the only option?

The sides are metal, not plastic.


Not sure. Often it will mean what is ordered vs not ordered, but not certain in this one.

It looks like a single extruder with a second left fan.

Will the auto bed-leveling be a feature that can be purchased and added to a TAZ 5?

Not certain yet. We’d like to make it easy. There likely will be a lot of people finding a way to do it, even if we don’t make it a product.

Given comments on sag in the Taz 10mm rods, will the Kauri have larger diameter rods, say 12mm, and bearings with less play? Would this even be a worthwhile improvement?

May order a Taz5 next month, but…

I think it will be 10mm, but may use a different bushing. Details here:

Please, make the bed-leveling a upgrade kit compatible with Taz 5! :slight_smile:

Cool stuff!

Im currently building a Kauri using the standard taz side beams. I actually found appropriate X tops and bottoms on thingverse( i wanted to post the links but for some reason is freezing at this moment). I am will list the parts im using at the bottom but so far the build is going smoothly ill get some pics up as soon as i can

Taz 3/5 frame
Taz 4/5 y axis and carriage
Kauri X axis and carriage (Printing and fitting drag chains right now)
Custom Taz X ends off thingverse( They shrink the X travel slightly so the X motor and X axis ends clear the vertical frame rails)

Unfortunately i have never owned a lulzbot (they were out of my price range in the beginning)
So im printing everything on a very very modified i3 prusa rework.

But it looks like by using the Custom X ends all the current lulzbot owners will be able to enjoy all the new features of the next Taz even if they cant get a hold of the new fancy sheet metal.

The only new feature im not looking to explore yet is the automatic bed leveling I haven’t had to re-level my bed in 8 rolls of filament so i bought the Lulzbot Y plate and glass off their website

And i apologize for the horrendous grammar