Large gear has a spot where it snags

Been having some issues with prints for about a week. It prints well, but when the large feed gear gets to a certain spot it quits extruding until it powers through that spot. When I spin the gear by hand I can feel it snag at a certain spot. Any advice on clean or disassembling to get to the problem?? thanks

The easiest way to access it would be to pull the hobbed bolt out by holding the large gear in place and removing the nut with a socket wrench. If you can print well enough with it as is to make a new gear out of ABS, you may want to print that first. Also print the smaller gear. It may be having issues as well. Check the hobbed bolt for wear

Removed the nut in the front and it did not allow me to do anything. Removing that nut does not allow you to remove the bolt.

The easiest access is by removing the tool head first. Then removing the nut (as Piercet instructed) will allow removing the hobbed bolt and large gear.

Take a look at the instructions linked below. These are for replacing the standard tool head with the flexistruder head, but should give you a good idea of how to remove and replace the existing tool head as well.