Mini Extruder gears hanging up in one spot

Started yesterday evening, the filament did not seem right coming out of the extruder onto the build. Stopped the printer, removed the filament and checked the cog gear. Cog gear clean, when moving the large yellow gear by hand you can feel a bind in one area, once you get past that area it is free once more. Checked both yellow gears large and small. They look to be OK and cannot see any areas that look worn to cause this. The more I turned the large gear by hand it felt a little bit more free in that spot, but not by much. Could it be the gears that I am not seeing the spot that is bad, or the bearings, or both…

If it is the gears sticking on one spot we can exchange your tool head. Send in an email with the following information:

  • Order number

  • 3D printer serial number

  • Contact information

  • Shipping information


Orias, I have been in touch with David Abegg from Luzbot regarding this problem. David will be putting together info for an RMA # to ship out a new tool head. You guys have the best service in the industry, even on weekends. Keep up the great responses and assistance to resolve our problems. Thanks again Orias

Glad to hear it!