LaserPack - All-Metal OpenBuilds Laser/Microscope Platform

Precision laser cutter and microscope alignment tool for Taz_Mega and other CNC machines.

GitHub Repository:

BDR-209 laser diode module with three-element glass lens and Supereyes B005 USB microscope recommended.

[] All-metal mounting hardware.
] Table-like platform design provides multiple fine-adjustment mechanisms.
[] USB microscope can be tilted to view laser spot, for geometric Z-axis probing and spot size measurement.
] Differential optical probe can be bolted to the aluminum extrusion siding using 2D bracket.
Simple design is easily adapted to a varitey of mounting hardware, including common LMxUU bearings used on other CNC machines.

Future development will include merging the laser and camera beampath, and through a quality microscope objective for focusing/imaging.

LaserDriver electronics have been updated for compatibility with PatchRap.

GitHub Repo:

Features include:
*) Highly adjustable power/filtering configuration, suitable for high-precision high-speed photolithography exposure.
*) “Memory” for two maximum power settings.
*) Linear single-transistor design should provide smooth highly resistant to feedback.
*) Optional low-resistance XT60 interconnects.
*) Remote interface fully supports panel meters and a variety of configuration switches.


Thanks. Good to see some interest, hope to see these platforms used on other builds.