Layer Ordering/Print Ordering how to change print order

I work with a TAZ Workhorse at my job and am trying to print something that looks like an upside down table. I want the 4 upright posts to be printed one at a time to avoid stringing between posts and overall print improve quality. Is there a way to edit the order in which layers are deposited? Or maybe a way to change the order in which sections are printed?

I tried changing the order of commands directly in the G-code but was afraid of the highly specific time stamps reported by the code after each layer. Is changing the G-code directly the best method?

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The timestamps aren’t an issue, all those do are to help the display tell you how much time/percent is left.

So long as your parts don’t intersect, you can slice object separately (with the legs floating in place) and slice to gcode. Remove the start and end gcode out of each leg, and put them after the table slab is done in sequence for each leg.

However, the legs are going to be printed onto cold plastic, making much weaker bonds, and the layer orientation is going to put them so they’re weaker as well. Depending on the size of the tables, you may not be able to print in sequence anyway with the size of the printhead. You’d be much better off printing each leg separately, in an horizontal orientation as a separate part with a press fit into the slab of the table. Stronger legs, no gcode assembly, and the orientation will lend itself to much better overall print quality.