Layer thickening

Hi guys, not sure if I’m posting this in the appropriate place, but I’m new to making/modify designs, I need some help learning how to make thicker layers at a specific place in a design. Is there a video I could follow? Or would someone be able to tell me the steps? Thanks

Look in the plugins tab for tweakatz.

Not sure that will do what you want, but Simplify3D will.

So my problem Is a part of my design, the layers are to thin for my nozzle size to successfully complete. Hopefully this makes since??? If I use the tweak option how do I know the layer numbers that need thickened

Do you mean layers or print wall thickness? The standard 0.5mm nozzle can create layers from 0.05mm thick to ~0.4mm thick. Perhaps you mean shells as details thinner than 0.5mm wide will not be able to be printed with a 0.5mm nozzle.

If you have some pictures of what you’re trying to do and where the issue is, it would really help us help you.


Thanks Jim I will get a picture ASAP, I called the lulzbot store support team and they said that my layers needed to be thicker in a certain area…??? I guess my flexi strider nozzle can print as thin as the model is… But I will get photos ASAP thanks

You may be able to see where at the joint area it doesn’t fill in properly or sometimes not at all I’m going to get another picture of it where it’s not filled in at all! Would it help if I uploaded the STL file

  1. What material are you using and what brand?

  2. What temperature and speed are you running the material at?

That looks like complete garbage. Something is wayyyyyyy off here. Maybe post your cura profile you’re using?

this video

I think is what your going for to change settings at certain points of a print. It uses simplify 3d though. I know some people edit the GCODE directly.

Hope it helps


Jim it is ninja flex from lulzbot printed at 240 as directed by lulzbot using the standard quick print profile also have tried the high detail profile… The printer is the taz 4 thanks for the help and looking forward to your guidance

This is a huge help. Thanks for sharing!

Dumb question, but are you using the flexystruder or the normal toolhead? The print looks terrible. Just trying to think of obvious things that would make it look that bad.