Simplify3D - Printing at .5mm Layer Height

Hi everyone,
I have a Taz5 with the .5mm nozzle. I saw that the nozzle has the ability to print at a .5mm layer height, which is perfect for what i am printing. It’s just a big block that I need in place and it doesn’t have to be pretty or super accurate.

I’m using Simplify3D and when I put the Layer Height up to .5mm I got a warning about the ratio between the layer height and the layer width being above 1.2 which was too high (this happened for 4.0,3.5 layer heights too).

Can anyone shed some light on this topic for me. I understnad that I can probably just mess with settings and make it work but I’d like to understand a little bit more why this is happening.

The general rule of thumb is to print layer thicknesses <= 80% of the nozzle diameter. So, for a 0.5mm nozzle, 0.4mm layer thickness is the approximate upper limit. You might be able to go thicker than that, it just depends on your setup and application. I generally see better quality, stronger prints at or below the 80% rule.

Also, make sure your extrusion width settings are greater than 0.5mm. You might have started with a 0.35mm nozzle setup in S3D. That would cause your extrusion widths to be too narrow for the 0.5mm nozzle size.

It’s a good rule of thumb that the ratio between layer with to layer height should be 1.2 or higher. Or other way round, never use a layer height bigger than 80% of your nozzle diameter (=0.4mm for a 0.5mm nozzle).

The reason is that the layers will not bond to each other well enough if the squish is too low.

This is absolutely correct. I did start with a .35mm nozzle setup in S3D. I changed the nozzle diameter to .5mm, but didn’t change anything else. Should I change the extrusion width to Auto? Or is there a manual size that would be better (screen attached).

0.4 extrusion with is much too low. About 1.05 * nozzle diameter is minimum here to get a stable flow, 1.2* nozzle diameter is a save and good working minimum. so set it to auto or 0.6mm for a start point.

Great, thanks for the help!