Lead Time on ordering

I’m thinking of purchasing a Lulzbot Mini, but I haven’t seen anything about lead time. How long does it usually take an order to go from me paying to the item being shipped? The last printer I purchased had a substantial lead time of several weeks and I just want to be sure I don’t change apartments or something when I’m expecting an expensive package. (Sorry if this info was posted somewhere and I missed it.).


rm446 We currently have inventory of LulzBot Minis, so there is no lead time.

Of course, shipping/delivery time from our global distribution centers does vary depending on your location. We would be happy to work with you to expedite or coordinate a shipment if needed.

I hope that answers your question, if you’d like any more information please contact our team by emailing <sales@lulzbot.com> or calling +1-970-377-1111. Thanks!