Left side Z-axis Stops during print

For no reason now, my left side z-axis stops moving after about 1-2 layers. The right side keeps plugging away and then bad things happen. What causes this?

It sounds like in this case that it may be a case of some binding on the z-axis. Do you hear a kind of grinding when the z-axis tries to move up and down? What printer are you working with here?

Taz 6. No grinding. The motor isn’t even turning. It just stops but the right side keeps going.

Thank you for that info. It sounds like this could be caused by a loose motor connection that is causing the intermittent movement on the left motor. If you want to take a look at the motor connection on the motor itself, as well as the motor connection on the Rambo to see if either are loose.

While checking on the connection on the Rambo, you may also want to see if there is a small heat sink that may have slipped off of the Rambo. Here is a link to the OHAI that goes over where the heat sink is and how to remove it if it is there: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz-6-heat-sink-removal/service-bulletins/

I’m not sure it’s a mechanical issue because the left side starts up at the same time as the right but after a layer or two it just stops running.