Leveling Bed Knob

Hello Guys,

I saw a post some time ago with a similar mod, but I could not find it anymore so I created my own version.

The idea is to replace the existing leveling screw with a bigger one (25mm M2) with a Knob at the end, it does make easier to level the bed, because you don’t need to use the hex key making pressure on top of the bed.
You can assembly it with a locking nut and some treadlock to ensure a tight fit.

I actually think lulzbot should replace the original design with something like this.

Link to download: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1122944

I use this with a dial indicator and it works like a charm.

I think I selected the correct license on thingverse, it should be “Creative Commons - Attribution” right?

Thank you. I gave this a try yesterday and it does make the job considerably easier.