TAZ 5 Bed Leveling Corners

I hate the bed leveling corners on my TAZ 5 because they “float.” As I adjust, the front of the corners may be lower than the screws adjust them to. It’s like a guy pulling his hat down over his eyes and I often have to tilt the leveling corner backwards to get the corner to actually be level. I hope someone understands this.

I have designed and printed (and included) other corners but they take up a lot more of my bed edge. I would like to come up with a single “dial in” leveling screw which would lift the bed straight up and not “nod” forward. I don’t like the Allen Screws although I have figured out how much to turn the wrench to get in a few microns of difference.

Yeh, I know about auto leveling etc. but I want to keep this cheap. I saw one method a bit ago but I needed to see more of it to see if I can make it. Any ideas folks?

I figure since there are 3 drill holes on the aluminum bed there has to be another way. I just don’t want to get into adjusting 2 screws per corner.
Taz5_2pt_bed_corner.stl (108 KB)