Lighting a 24 volt taz 3.2

I’m making progress on the upgrades to my TAZ and decided to go ahead and stick the lighting module on there, That’s when I discovered the enclosure fan, which is what I had initially planned to tap into for power since it’s always on anyways, is 24 volt. 24 Volt LED strips seem to be very rare and very expensive, so I’d like to stick with a 12 volt lighting system. It looks like converter boxes exist to go from 24 to 12, but I was wondering if the RAMBO board has a built in 12v power lead that I don’t know about?

Any ideas?

You might try spec-ing a buck converter, or running two 12 volt LED strips in series to cut the current in half and avoid thermal run-away.

It turns out the fan is actually only recieving 7 volts from the fan lead in there, so it’s usable for the lighting.

Is it a full 7 volts or 7 volts average after PWM?

I’m guessing it was a full 7 volts. the light I plugged into it stayed steadily illuminated with no flickering, and the digital multimeter I attached to the leads registered a 7 volts DC withoutany dropping. I’d guess if it was pulse width i’d see at least some occasional intermittant signal drop even if the registration of the voltage was slower than the pulses. I don’t know for sure though.

You are almost certainly seeing 24 or 12V being PWM. Most multimeters have an input capacitence that makes high frequency signals appear as a steady voltage. The PWM frequnecy is probably on the order of 10kHz. I would be mildly concerned about a few things:
-Voltage inceasing as fan speed increases.
-Driver for the fan handling the extra current.
-The LEDs not liking the high voltages it is seeing.

its the static exhaust fan on the rambo chassis. It doesn’t change speed. The LED’s have been fine and happy with no discoloration or overheating for a couple weeks now. the LED strips draw very little current, and it’s only showing 7 volts to the LED’s, which are rated to take 12. I’m not too worried about it.