Heated bed voltage..Taz 4?

I was assuming the heated bed and power supply that came with my kittaz(TAZ4) was operating at 12v?
or are they 24v?

Any Taz 3.x and above (including the 4) comes with a 24 volt heated bed by default.

Oh snap, so does that mean everything coming from the Rambo is 24v? like fans etc. or just the heater? I probably should know this, I’m a little less up to speed with electronics. :confused:

There has been some debate on that. The fan lead for the actual rambo case fan itself seems to be putting out about 7 volts on my multimeter, and i am able to run LED’s off of it. But I could be reading it wrong.

Ha, interesting… yeah, I was wondering about splicing in some fans off of the one for the Rambo enclosure…

So I guess that means the power supply is running 24V output also the…

All the outputs from the Taz 4 power supply itself are 24 volt. Near as I have been able to determine, no one makes a mixed mode 12 and 24 power supply suitible for a 3d printer.

So how are people powering LEDs off the board then? aren’t most led’s 12V?

I ran mine off the Case fan lead which appears to convert internally from 24V down to 7V. Other people have used separate power supplies, or 24v to 12v step down transformer converters.

Once you have specs for which ever LED you select, you can go here to calculate a limiting resistor to work with the voltage you have available. http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz

There are also calculators for LEDs in series and parallel.


Awesome… thanks, good to know