Linear Bearing quick degrading


I own a TAZ 3 that has printed so far around 2kg of ABS. As you can see in the attachment my x-axis upper linear bearings are visibly worn off and are now creating audible and visible wobbling on any x-axis movement.

Is this normal for 3months/2kg of ABS? Should I replace them right away?


It looks like there is Oil residue on the bearing rod. Are you oiling the bearings?

Never :confused: Only whipped them clean some times.

The bearings are self lubricating, so no oiling should ever be needed, just wipe the smooth rods with a cloth. If there’s any play, loosen the bearing mounts, and slide them together a bit more, then tighten to re-secure.

I’ve replaced the linear bearings with liner ball bearings, but if you do that, you need to also replace the stock soft stainless steel with a much harder steel. However, now I have NO play whatsoever, and the only sound I hear is from the stepper motors…very quiet. I am very happy with this setup!!

This is what I ordered from Misumi:

PSFU10-500 52100 Chrome rods @ 58 HRc hardness -->

LMU10 Linear Bearings -->