Lines on the shell

Does anyone have any setting recommendations on how to get rid of these lines I’m using 2.85 mm PLA. I’ve tried multiple rolls of filament, I’ve also re sliced it in Cura a few times to see if it wasn’t a slicing issue with no luck. Also, the lines are never in the same place in the print using the same GCode.

It appears to be underextruding there, but the reason why is difficult to try and determine, especially from just the one example.

Since these appear in the middle of a print and stop, I don’t think a slicer configuration issue is to blame. First place I’d start with is the filament itself, but then you would expect to see this all over the print, not just this one end, and not just in the middle.

I’d try looking at environmental factors - is this particular spot getting a draft at some times during a print? It could easily be that the moving air from an A/C (or even a heater) vent is affecting temperatures at the nozzle sometimes during the print. If it’s enclosed, it could be some air flow reflected within at a certain spot. Re-orienting the print on the bed should help rule out (or confirm) this. Also monitor the nozzle temps at these bad spots if you can, to see if it’s dropping a few degrees.

Are you using the filament guide tubes? They prevent jerking the filament spool, which can happen if movement on the gantry ends up being what causes filament to be pulled from the spool. If the moving toolhead is pulling the filament instead of the extruder, it can cause some minor lift of the toolhead and cause a bad layer, especially on the left side of the print bed. Always use the guide tubes to make for consistent movement of the filament.

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