Printing Issue

What exactly is causing the filament to displace and move like this? Will it effect the overall print as this one has yet to finish, but will be tonight. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

The photos are a little too blurry to tell exactly what the artifact you described looks like. Can you tell if the displacement is aligned with either the X or Y axis? If so, that is almost always the sign of a loose pulley on a motor shaft, a loose belt, or something else in the drive train.

Thanks for the reply, can’t really tell which axis although it looks like random lines of the filament are being stretched. (would be x-axis if it was my guess as its parallel to the hotend) Another possibility is that the filament is bubbling up in certain spots. Sorry about the blurry photos was attempting to get some shots of the print moving. I’ve kinda outlined certain decent areas with red in these because the print has already covered the problem areas with several more layers. It appeared to almost stretch the filament layer at the same spot on the print.

So, one thing you might consider is reading the info in the link in my signature. It takes a systematic approach to learning how to print great parts. Some of the ideas are things that you probably know but haven’t thought about like sllllooooowwwww down. Things become much more noticeable at slow speeds. Once you’ve internalized some of these, you’ll notice a marked improvement AND predictability in the quality of your prints.

If I were there, I would 1) slow down 2) tighten all the pulled attached to stepper shafts. Make sure there is no slop in your carriage and/or hot end 3) make a test print and watch carefully. Don’t keep printing if things still go awry, instead stop and try 4) rotating the part before slicing it by 90°. This will help isolate issues related to a single axis.


What is that metal rod at the top of your last photo? It looks like the issue you are seeing is aligned with that rod. Is that your X or Y axis?

I was reading through your signature link haven’t made it too far into it yet. I believe the rod is a part of the X-axis. My print settings were left at default so the speed was around 150 will try to lower it and tighten parts.


Firstly and foremost I would like to thank mhackney for the advice and the great tutorial in his signature. Secondly I would like to leave this update and solution to the problem for anyone else that stumbles into this thread with a similar issue. I found problem that was occurring with my printer was a combination of both an un-leveled bed and to low of a hot end. The photos show both the top and bottom surface of the layers showing the issue. The red outlined areas are the problem area compared to the green outline normal areas. I fixed this issue by raising my hotend(x-axis) slightly and leveling the bed better. Hope this helps, Prime.
2015-02-20 17.04.13.jpg
2015-02-20 17.03.32.jpg

Excellent and those photos are nice and crisp!