Loctite on heat press nuts

So I’m sort of getting a little frustrated by the screws holding down the heatbed working their way loose after 4-5 prints.

The screws in question are the ones that hold the heatbed to the gantry (printed parts with bearings). It causes the bed to vibrate and buzz. Each time I pop the glass off, and re-tighten the screws and the buzz goes away.

Is it safe to use some loc-tite blue on these screws in an effort to keep them from continuously coming loose? I’ve been considering star washers, but haven’t looked to see if there’s enough clearance under there yet.

Some threadlockers contain acetone, which dissolves the ABS parts the the brass inserts are pressed into, so you need to be careful to only get it on the screw and insert
Loctite purple is probably a better fit for this application http://us.henkel-adhesives-blog.com/post/All-About-Threadlockers/When-and-Why-to-Use-Purple-Threadlocker/

Thanks. I may look at redesigning the part if I can come up with a better mounting solution.