Snapped the nozzle on my Taz 5

Hi all,

I was attempting to clear a HIPS clog and managed to snap the nozzle off my tool head (first attempt doing so - in my frustration - I rushed it) :blush: .

The problem is, the threaded part of the nozzle is still in the hot-end.

Has this happened to anyone?

I don’t think it spins freely due to there being some plastic holding it in place…if i were to soak the bottom in D-Limonen would that work? I’ve never used it to dissolve HIPS, so I’m unsure if it leaves a residue…

Any tips would be appreciated…


The tube is held in place by special high temperature loctite like threadlocker. At this point your best bet might be securing a new one, try here:

Ok - thanks for your quick response.

By ‘tube’ you mean the threaded part of the nozzle?

I just want to confirm we are talking about the same piece (pictured here: The threaded part has snapped off and is stuck in the block…(

It has not actually happened to me(snapped nozzle) but I have removed quite a few broken off nozzle pieces. :astonished:

Basic process:

Heat to printing temp(240 or so - dependent on the plastic filament used before) then using a wrench to hold the heat block, press the proper sized screw extractor into the broken piece. Back it out very carefully. It may take several attempts to loosen depending on how tight it was when it broke. I have made a extension cable so I can work on them laying flat on the heat bed. MUCH easier that way to apply pressure than trying while in the tool head holder.

I agree with the method kmanley57 mentioned.

I too have used this method of removing snapped nozzles.

Thanks all. I’ll try the screw extractor and report back.

Agree with Kmanley. We have the nozzles you need too

Took me a while but I wanted to follow up on this in case some other people find themselves in my position.

The screw extractor worked like a charm. Heated it up to melting temp and pulled it out using the extractor and a crescent wrench.

Specifically #1 (smallest one) in this pack (

Was meant for a 1/8" - 9/64" hole.

A couple of notes:

  1. The extracter transfers heat well, so watch that - gets hot quickly.
  2. Remove the brass as soon as you can. It will stick on the end of the extractor if you leave it (melted plastic/shrinkage)