Long live LulzBot! A statement from a fellow RYF vendor (with plans to sell compatible parts)

Hello all, I’m a long-time lurker but only recent poster. My name is Patrick McDermott, and I’m the CEO of Libiquity, which started selling electronics certified by the Free Software Foundation to respect your freedom three years after Aleph Objects did. We’ve been happily using LulzBot printers since 2016.

We were deeply saddened by this month’s reports of layoffs, inventory liquidation, and buyout search. Our hearts go out to all the highly talented employees, and we believe that Aleph Objects’s transparency and commitment to freedom and quality are unmatched and irreplaceable. It’s unfortunate to see a fellow vendor of RYF-certified products facing such a tough situation.

In light of the manufacturing layoffs and inventory sell-off, and because we consider competing printers lacking in design quality and product support, we have spent these past weeks working to make sure we’ll be able to continue to maintain our modest but growing fleet of LulzBot printers. We’re encouraged by the will of the community (great vendors such as IT-Works 3D) to continue to support these uniquely valuable machines, and we wish to do our part as well.

We already have equipment to make wiper pads and intend to supply ourselves, and we thought we might as well make them available to the community. So we plan to sell wiper pads and maybe printed parts (with inserts), polyurethane rubber bumpers (needed after re-squaring the TAZ frame), and compatible heated bed parts on our online store. If there’s interest, we may sell other parts and may also design a new tool head.

Since the future of these forums is uncertain, please e-mail us at <sales@libiquity.com> to be notified when we launch wiper pads or anything else, or to express interest in any parts you’d like to see stocked. Thanks, and may your beds always be warm, level, and full of rocktopi. \m/

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No shameless plug there at all - thank you! Consumables are going to be a big challenge if Lulzbot liquidates, and wiper pads and glass/PEI sheets for the modular bed are right at the top of the list.