Say it ain't so!

I got this in the mail yesterday -
Aleph Objects Inc. – LulzBot Printers Streamlining Operations
Aleph Objects Inc. has reduced its staff as of today. Please be assured we will continue to manufacture and sell the LulzBot Mini 2, Workhorse and Pro series of printers and will continue to service the equipment as we are negotiating new ownership opportunities. All warranties will continue to be honored and the standard one year warranty will be included with all new printer purchases.

also -
The Loveland Report-Herald reports Aleph Objects has made 91 of its 113 staff redundant due to cash flow problems.

I haven’t seen anything ion the forums. Anyone know whats going on?

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I checked this forum two days ago when it was announced and nothing from anyone except you!! im bewildered to say the least, but not surprised there’s not a lot of innovation going on with Lulzbot no reviews of there new printers, they don’t seem to go to the shows, and what’s all that about, a Bio Printer, should concentrate on getting some of there other products to work as should.

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The replacement Heated Bed that I just ordered now shows - Cancelled.