Repair request

I submitted a repair request for my Mini a week ago, then followup emails and phone calls, and have had no response. The lack of communication from Lulzbot is very frustrating. Any suggestions?

They are going through a reorganization, for lack of a better term. They laid off about 90% of their staff and have now been purchased by a newly created company. It sounds like they will live on, at least in the near term. But, I imagine it will take a while for them to spool up again.

Did you send your machine to them?

Since I never received an authorization from them I didn’t try to send it. I can’t afford to buy a decent printer at this point, so I’m twiddling my thumbs and hoping for the best. Thanks for your response.

What is wrong with the printer?

I received this reply on a support request that was submitted. Sounds like they’re getting people re-hired and will start working through the backlog later today:

On November 8th, 2019, Fargo Additive Manufacturing Equipment 3D (FAME 3D) purchased the assets of Aleph Objects and will continue to develop, manufacture, warrant, and service the Lulzbot line of printers.

FAME 3D is currently reaching out to some of the Aleph Objects affected personnel to staff open positions in Loveland, CO.

Expectations are for shipments of goods in inventory to commence on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 13th.

Sales and Service will also be reactivated at that time.

Thank you for your continued patience as operations come back online. We will be working on your requests in as timely a manner as possible as we work through the current queue of sales & support questions.

During the bed leveling sequence the head moves properly in x and y, but does not move down - just makes a few chattering sounds and continues to the next corner. So it appears that either the z-axis controller is faulty or the software is at fault. Maybe reset the firmware to the previous version? This happened after many successful prints, so it’s confusing why it would fail all of a sudden.

Rambo drivers are known to fail. Does it chatter when you move z manually?

I can’t move it manually in z