looking to buy a lulzbot taZ4

Im interested in buying a lulzbot t4 ,

I live in england uk ,
Has anyone bought one from


How does the lulzbot t4 compare to other 3d printers ?

I know i have a few questions but this will be my first 3d printer and there seems to be so many choices

Hi Lilyput. You’ll want the more traveled TAZ section of this forum to get a better answer for this. I can’t answer the UK portion of your question, though I do know that Lulzbot has printers and supplies warehoused in the UK, so shipping times should be reasonable.

As far as how the printer compares, it’s a large bed printer with all up leadscrews on the Z axis, which means it is very accurate. The electronics are 24 volt, so it heats quickly. The mechanicals are well done, all open source and easy to upgrade / replicate. The hot end can’t print some of the hotter materials like Nylon, but you can swap that out for something different, or wait for the upcoming Taz 4.2 (that’s a guess on the model number) which may ship with a hexagon all metal hot end. The TAZ mini will also be shipping soon, which is a smaller print envelope and less expensive depending on what size of printer you need

Hello Lilyput,

The TAZ 4.1 is my second 3D printer. My first was a very inexpensive one with which I never really got decent results. I would have saved time and money by purchasing the more costly TAZ to begin with.

I can’t, of course, tell you what is the right printer for you. However I can state that the TAZ is a very, very good machine with a fair price. I like the size, the variety of filaments that work with the stock machine, the solidness of it, the tone of this forum, the fact that it is open source, and that it doesn’t seem to be particularly finicky. I’ve also found all my interactions (email and phone) with Lulzbot to be courteous and professional. So it is certainly the right printer for me.

Whatever printer you wind up with, keep in mind that there will be some learning and trial-and-error before you start getting the best output. I believe this will be true with any 3D printer.

Best Regards,

EIC has MakerBot printers and the TAZ4 printer. We have also used the Cubex Duo ( which we no longer have). Once you get used to the TAZ4 it will become your favorite printer. The price is right and the open source system design is in line with the way 3D printing technology is moving. I am purchasing one of the new TAZ mini printers when they come out in January 2015 and will get the new hot metal print head so I can print in PC and Nylon as well as other materials. Rugged, durable and works every time I hit Print.

I second all of the above. Great Printer, great community, great developers with the right attitude.

The large print bed, good variety of materials it can run and ruggedness are what sold me most. As stated, and as stands true for probably all 3d Printers at the moment you will have to spend time with the device and Software to get the best results.

I ordered a few times already via the UK warehouse by the way, shipped to Switzerland and it took them only a few days to get the Printer out. (with no UK VAT even! great!)
Each time I order Filament or other goodies they also never take longer than 3 days to arrive, and support is responsive and seems to know their stuff.

Take it from me, I could write a long synopsis of why you should buy a Taz 4 but all I will say is that I casually followed the progress of 3D printing for a year or two, , with some more intense research for a few months when I was finally ready for one… Which one did I choose? The Lulzbot Taz 4. Am I happy that I did? 110%. Great printer, great community, and UNBELIEVABLE customer service support. If you don’t need a large build volume, check out the Mini, it’s an amazing piece of hardware. The ultimate setup is a Taz and a mini!

Good luck!

The TAZ4 is an awesome printer, I now have a TAZ5 and the TAZ Mini , they are equally awesome! The Aleph Objects technical support is top notch, very knowledgeable on their products and courteous!! Difficult to beat!