Many thanks to Lulzbot!

Hi all.

Im new to the forum and wanted to share my experience with you guys with the Taz 4 I purchased 2 months ago.

Ive been using 3d printers for the last 2 years and have currently a Wanhao duplicator and a makerbot clone. These have been great to me with very little issues and only the standard day to day issues that 3d printing gives us.

I decided to spend a little more on a printer than previous purchases and went with the Mingda 4c which was a terrible machine. Even after 2 weeks of them emailing me I managed to complete one print in PLA and not one in ABS. This was soon returned and refunded by a UK supplier.

I then took the decision to purchase the Taz 4 from Amazon and waited for its arrival. After 2 days of playing with the machine all seemed well until I got the dreaded PLA issue of it creeping back up the budaschnozzle so ordered a replacement right away. After the new budaschnozzle turned up I only decided to print in ABS as this was not clogging and had a better success rate.

I sent back the supplied budaschnozzle to Lulzbot for examination to see if it was faulty and waited while I printed only in ABS. I managed to print items without issues but found each layer was not bonding to the next so either had cracks or a printed item that would easily separate from the next layer leaving every print worthless. I tried to up the temp to 232 thinking it would help but didn’t have any luck. After days of playing around with the settings in cura I could only hope that prints would come out OK but they were only average.

I slowly started to loose faith in lulzbot not because of their amazing customer service but the fact I had customers waiting for items that I couldn’t provide. Each item had a flaw and had to be printed in sections on my other printers due to the smaller bed size.

I’ve now received the V2 Hex head and this has changed everything for me! I don’t have any issues with layer adhesion and have had every print come out just as I want. After setting the temp to 244 I haven’t yet had a failed print and have printed items as large as the bed.

I can honestly say how amazed I am with the quality, speed and service that Lulzbot provide. I’m very glad I bought the Taz 4 and now have a machine that is better than my other two.

Many thanks again to all the help and advice the team has provided.

Many thanks to you, jam3383! Thank you for your kind words and for your business. Happy printing!