Loving the x-ray!

Not sure if this is the place to discuss, but wanted to share how much I like this extruder. I noticed a while back while browsing devel that they started working on an updated flexystruder with the same form-factor as the regular single extruder for the TAZ6 and decided that I was going to rebuild my flexystruder 2.0 into this new version. Really like that I can now just swap the extruder without having to update the firmware, and the print profiles seem to work great without any major tweaking. I also really like the grub screw to be able to adjust the ptfe tube at the hobbed bolt to help out when I get some ninjaflex that isn’t quite the expected 2.6+mm diameter.

I’m not exactly sure what tool-head upgrade you are referring to. Can you link the the devel directory where you found it?


It’s really just the mini flexystuder body on the TAZ 6 extruder mount with the .06 hexagon hot end from my V2 flexystruder, but it’s a GREAT combination. It was a bit tedious pushing the PTFE tube into the filament path, but well worth the effort.

Picture from devel directory:

Looks great. I’ve not ever tried flexiable filaments but I may build a toolhead for it.

I was working on mine yesterday, and this post reminds me I need to take a 3 MM .6MM nozzle with me to help finish the build. :slight_smile: