Lulzbot Cura and Ultimaker Cura on one computer?

When installing Lulzbot Cura I saw that I should delete other versions of Cura. I’m helping a school’s robot team where they have a Lulzbot but at home I’m still using several other brand printers. Does installing Lulzbot Cura onto a computer already loaded with Ultimaker Cura cause any issues for the Ultimaker software? Alternately, does anyone have an Ultimaker PLA print profile for the Lulzbot Mini II?

Nope, no issues. I’ve got Cura 3.6.37, 4.13 beta 2, Cura 5.1, and PrusaSlicer 2.5 all installed side by side on my home PC.

Cura LE and mainline Cura don’t directly share profiles either, so there’s a bit more than just copying over startup/shutdown GCODE, but it’s fairly straightforward. Hopefully even more straightforward if you’re using Cura LE 4.13 beta.

This is an excellent question. Our school has the Lulzbot Taz 6 as well as a Ultimaker S3. Unfortunately, I for some reason cannot bring up Cura for the Lulzbot on the same computer that I have Cura for the Ultimaker. As soon as I try to download a program for Lulzbot it opens right up to Ultimaker Cura. Please any help would be appreciated.

Open Cura LE separately and open the file, it sounds like .STL files are just associated with Ultimaker Cura, so that’s the default.

Right-click → open with … other program (if Cura LE doesn’t immediately show up) might work too.

Thank you!
I have tried exactly that, but then noticed that for some reason the programs are not coming through as cura programs. (little blue C next to file) I have to do a little switch-a-roo to get it to recognize the program. Happens with every program I try to download to Cura LE.